Hi all this is my second post,So I've been playing for several years and kind of stepped away a while and just got back in,I guess I am a intermediate player at best I don't know terminology or theory at all on guitar I guess I am self taught I can learn songs by ear I know a hand full of scales but I don't know how to use them I can read tabs The kind of music I am into is sort of hard rock,metal,thrash,classic rock and nu metal I don't want to drive a long way to some teacher who may not even know what he's talking about.I would have to go a long distance because my town was destroyed by a tornado this year.I just want to progress and know what sounds good and why it sounds good.I would like to find a proven step by step dvd or online lesson or anything that could help me progress from home and get rid of this lost stuck feeling rut I am in Thanks for your time.
I bought "music theory for dummies" and it actually helped a lot, it wasn't like reading a textbook and getting bored out of my mind. The big thing with theory is youll want to learn your fretboard, i.e. the notes for each fret. I'm still in the process of doing this, I play each note consecutively from the open E, going up one half step at a time until I reach the highest e on my fretboard. Every time I hit a fret I name the note!
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