If you lost your guitar in June 2007, or know someone else who lost their guitar please let me know and send me a description i.e., color, model, serial number, photo, or whatever information you can to identify it as yours. (No, I'm not looking for a reward or mega shipping fees.)

EMAIL: FoundYourGuitar@yahoo.com

I found the guitar when it fell out of the back window of a SUV driving in the direction of the Williamsburg bridge. Noone returned to retrieve it. I posted lost and found signs, asked the local bars if anyone called to say they lost their instrument, and contacted the bands whose stickers were on the guitar case. I am hoping this isn't just an orphaned guitar.

HASHAVAS AVEIDA (as understood in Judaic law) = "A person who finds a lost item is responsible to take it and safeguard it until the owner claims it. During this time, he is considered a guardian over the object, and is responsible for it as any other item entrusted to him."
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It's great that you are doing this, but it's been over five years.
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I've been seing this ad a long time ago like about 4 years ago, grammer is a bit diffrent good luck finding the owner, wish I lost a gibson on the williamsburg bridge.
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I think it's even more impressive that he's still dedicated to his quest after five years
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i wonder how many people used the email address and tried to fluke the description

*makes 15 new email accounts*
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Can't you contact Gibson with the serial number and then contact whoever the distributor was. They'll prob have a record of it.
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I lost my guitar driving towards the Williamsburg bridge five years ago. It got picked up by this scary guy and I didn't dare to ask for it back.
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I think if no one claims it by the end of the year you should give it to the one of us who guesses closest to the right guitar....pretty sure your god would be ok with that