I've made a idea to Everytime I pick my guitar up to solo. I will think melodic. I know who to listen to. I need tips on the right frame of mind to think melodic
Im guess I could listen got he pitches in son to get my idea but what are some building block tips to solo better?

Hope that made sence!!
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Either your ear or knowledge of theory or both and some imagination is what it takes to create a 'melodic' solo.
At the VERY least know which intervals work well together, you should be able to come up with something.

Pay attention to the backing if you're using one, what is going on it? key? chords? figuring that out will help you too.
Just listen to as much music as you can, but really LISTEN. Start learning to recognise intervals and harmonic and melodic ideas regardless of the context or instruments used. The better you are at recognising these things in any music you hear the better you'll understand how people use them as you're hearing them in different contexts.
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1. Create a nice melody for a solo.
2. Add thirds.
3. ... ?
4. Profit.
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Listen to solos you enjoy and steal melodies from certain parts that you like. If you have trouble picking out the intervals you need by ear, try using Guitar Pro and checking out the solos of songs you like on there. I've GP to be a handy tool in picking out and slowing down melodies that I can't just pick out of a full speed song. Just be aware of the ratings of some the GP files on here. They're not all accurate or even good
Scales can help you get a start on solos, but for truly melodic solos it's really just by ear. Learning to play by ear can help you with this. If you want some tips on this you can check out
I woudl advocate first getting your head out of a "must write a awesome solo!" mindset. It creates pressur eand stifles those creative "aha" moments when things come to mind.

I would also advice first creating melodic ideas in your head while you listen to the solo as opposed to working on scales - use scales if you want fast runs or patterns.

Another thing that has helped - if you are in a creative rut just lay back and listen to some good meaty melodic solos you know or even knew songs. Its ok to "steal" little chunks and ideas from other peoples' playing.

Lastly, another little diddy you can do is alter the rhythmn track, either rhymically or melodically (or both) in order to make your solo stronger and stand out more.
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