Hey, y'all.

I made an impulse buy on a 1983 Gibson Corvus II off eBay the other day.
I know nothing about them other than the fact that they are relatively rare, and that they sound similar to Fender guitars.

Does anyone have any input on them? I don't think it was a bargain, but I can return it for a full refund if I have to. I love how they look, but are they actually good? Are they high end, low end, mid-range guitars? I can't find any information on them, other than a few biased (although informative) Youtube reviews by Scott Grove.

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The only person I'm aware of that notably played one is Tim Kasher of Cursive (and a few other groups). In older live videos from Cursive you should be able to see him play one. I've always thought they were interesting and neat looking guitars, but it would seem that they're kind of a rarity these days. I'd say you're in for some fun with it.
they were low end for gibson back in the day. the sold for around $299 (not real cheap back then but still on the affordable side). i remember when they came out they were laughed at and sold very poorly. played a couple and it didn't impress me at all. if they didn't turn up in Guitar Hero i'm thinking no one would care about them at all.
The ugly-as-sin Gibson Corvus series debuted in about 1985 or so. The line consisted of three models: the Corvus I (Single bridge humbucker), the Corvus II (two humbuckers) and the Corvus III (three single-coil pickups and a five-position Strat-like selector switch). They all came in a variety of solid colors. They were meant to look "aggressive" and appeal to the Hair Metal players of the day. Their hideous design and minimal body size did not appeal to players of any kind, and they were soon discontinued. No collector interest has yet to develop for the Corvus guitars. As a guitar, it was decent; nothing to write home about, but a serviceable instrument.
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