I am trying to tame a Twin Reverb and want a lower effiency speaker. So, I have a trade/sale proposal.

I have an extra, perfectly up-to-spec JBL G125-8 from the mid-eighties. It's ceramic, 102 db sensitivity, 60-7000 hz, & 200 watts. It performs as new & sounds glorious. You can genuinely crank a 100 watt Marshall through it without fear. It doesn't have the aluminum dust caps which some love and some hate; there's absolutely no ice-pick shrillness. It doesn't color one's sound; whatever you and your gear are putting out, that's what you'll hear. If you want to gig a low wattage amp, use this. It's definitely one loud speaker. One will dominate a decent-sized bar. Kiss flabby bass end goodbye, too. It's all about clarity, definiton & richness.

If you want one of the great guitar speakers, I'll give it up if you send me an Eminence Maverick ($144 shipped price on eBay) and $35 to ship the JBL to you. That's $179 out-of-pocket price for a top-of-the-line JBL.

I'd also take the $179 in cash for an outright sale. That's a smoking price for this JBL.

PS I'm not letting it go because of any problem. I have three and only need two. The speaker is flawless.
I forgot two things:

One of these was about $275 in 1985 and please PM me if interested. Thanks.