What is a GCP and GCX ?
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What is a GCP and GCX ?

Voodoo Labs Ground Control. It's a rack midi pedal switcher.

Honestly, If you have no clue, start looking up midi and how it works. It is not complicated, but has new concepts that, while simple, are numerous.

First question, what do you want to do? Get the GCPro to control the GCX? Or the POD? Or both?
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Well, I had been using the GCX and the GCP to switch between amp channels (Mesa Triple Recs) and various pedals. I started to run out of space and I wanted to clean things up so I bought this POD. What I want to do is program different combos of specific effects with specific amp channels (i.e. clean channel with rotary speaker effect). So far, I have gotten the GCX to communicate with the POD so I think I am on the right track......but I'm still not sure what's going on in there! lol