I'm using a mid 90s ESP ltd w a vht special 6, joyo ultimate & big muff. I'm picking up the classic rock station while I play. If I unplug the guitar & leave the amp on w pedals on - nothing. I think my guitar is an antenna. Is there anything that can be done about this. I live in the city.
Try getting a shielded chords (i think that is what they said). That's what a music teacher I know had to do. He was picking up a radio station and it wasn't a big deal until the changed formats and had sex talk on in the middle of the day. The grade 8's thought it was hilarious. Parents, not so much....
Same thing happened to me at one point, never found out the cause though. Apparently this is a pretty normal thing, for tube amps especially. It eventually just stopped happening.
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Happens all the time, listen to sleep now in the fire by ratm, you hear a radio station at the end coming through the guitar it isnt a sample
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The best is when im playing some QOTSA with my Muff and then the local Catholic station comes in.....its quite annoying..... Ive also had two different stations, that and then one of the rap stations
My Special 6 does it too, I read that adjusting the two 68k (R2 and R6) resistors on the input of the amp to 33k helps solve the RFI problem. I havnt done it yet because mine dose not do it all the time.
Does it happen every time you play?

When it happened to me I got some sort of Minuteman group radio station coming in talking about killing illegal immigrants and Taliban. Needless to say I didn't play much that week.
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This usualy happens on the imput stage often with the leads/cables, many years ago we had problems with one mike and found that the cable had only been terminated on two terminals of the DIN plug, I bridged the terminals with a screwdriver and the radio dissappeared.
I was in the army at the time and we were picking up radio messages.
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Shielded chords sounds like an easy start to fix the problem. It's not the worst problem in the world and I'm getting the classic rock station which isn't too bad. It has been happening frequently but every so often it's not there. Thanks for the ideas.
could it be the joyo? i have read of reliability issues. but haven't tired any.

try different cables. try with and without everything in your chain. isolate any problem.

another thing in general would be to insulate (for lack of a better term) the electronics on the guitar. there is a thread about it around here. copper tape or there is a paint that does the same thing.
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better guitar cable(s) is probably the cheapest/easiest thing to check.
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