I've made a new track this is a more purely electronics styled song based around an old record sample I found, all the sounds and mostly everything was created from scratch crept like the claps which are from an old hr 16, the cymbals from a sample CD, and the kick is one I made by combining a few others.

Asides from that I wanted to use as many different sound creation and manipulation techniques as I could think of. I spent a total of 23 days working on this and countless sleepless nights writing and remixing it to get everything as good as it is.

So without any further rambling here's the track


Thanks, I'll keep an eye on this thread and will c4c asap.
Really nice sounding track, actually. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted on yet. Anyways, I really like the glitchy and malicious sound of the song, and also how the sample slowly gets more distorted as time passes. The dub bass towards the end sounds very great and heavy, and the overall atmosphere of the song is very dark and eerie. So yeah, keep it coming.

Also, if you C4C'd on this track that would be quite nice.
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