I've been really getting into TMGE recently, so I decided to cover one of my favourite songs by them:


They're one of my favourite bands at the moment, and the guitarist is especially awesome.

I got a bit too into it in some points so my playing suffers a bit lol. I also managed to cut my strumming hand on my guitar a few times, although I only realised after the video lol... Blood makes a guitar sound better right?

Anyway, feel free to leave me something to crit, and don't forget to let me know what you think!
Awesome cover (and song, btw)!
First things first, you have an amazing tone. You handle the chord progression well, and pretty much got the solo spot on (yes, even though the starting of the solo was sort of 'messy' anyways). And best of all, you're having fun!
Full marks
One of my favourite songs!
Man I think you're doing just great, I like the sound and the timing is perfect.. Nothing to add, go on! I can imagine you playing in a band with no problem - but I suppose you already do? If so, what band? If not, you should!

C4C? It's not guitar cover, but whole song cover, and maybe out of your style, don't know.. I just wanna know what other people think.. Thanks for comment..
Gotthard - Merry Christmas (acoustic cover)
Please leave me a comment..
FallenDestiny - Thank you! Yeah, the start of the solo is weird. I couldn't figure out what the guitarist was doing at that bit so I just wailed on a note note for a bit haha. And yeah, having fun is what guitar's all about!

Bulish - Left you some crit!Thanks a lot as well I'm not yet in a band (I've only been playing 2 years so I'm just playing in my room for now hah) Closest thing I have to a real band is my EP thing I'm making where I'm playing all the instruments (drums are programmed) - http://soundcloud.com/bsmoked/sets/guitar-noise/

There will be a download link for the whole album (Free!) when it's done also

You might hear my TMGE love come through in a few songs
I've never heard of this band before but they are badass. Your playing sounds good too and oh my god your guitar is sick. Your expressive playing on the guitar solo was a personal highlight for me. I'm definitely gonna check this band out.

If you get a chance then please check out my cover - i don't know that it will be your kind of thing but i'm just looking for any advice i can get to improve it. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1574807
Have a nice day
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Uscendone Bene - Yeah, TMGE are really good! I recommend listening to the album Gear Blues and Cult Grass Stars if you want a good place to start. Their lyrics are in Japanese, but there's some English, especially in the choruses of most of their songs. Thanks about the solo too haha, I just tried to make some noise for it

onemetalhead92 - Thanks! Yeah, I absolutely love my amp. Goes perfectly with my Fender Mustang, it looks sick as hell and it sounds excellent! I recorded this via the emulated output on the back of the amp and it sounds pretty darn awesome

I left feedback on both of your videos too! I'm currently working on another TMGE song because this one was so much fun to play! Keep your eyes open for it, it'll be out in a few weeks if I try to cover it