So, I'm upgrading the pots, caps, switchcraft etc in my Epiphone Standard LP. Im getting 50's harness from JonesyBlues. But, im havin a terrible time in choosing pickups.
My budget is just under $200. I want to change both neck and bridge. I want a very clean and mellow sound for my neck and something ZZ Top -esque for my bridge. But, the problem is that I don't know how the 50's wiring will react to different pickup combination. Say, i put on a 57 Gibson Humbucker in neck and Pearly Gates in bridge, what will be the sound like really?

Can you guys please suggest me good pickup combinations. ? The budget is fixed !

Thank you guys !
I was thinking of Gibson Burstbucker. I'd be upgrading to CTS550K pots that have a smooth custom taper and a .022 Oil filled tone caps. What do you guys think the combination of Burstbucker 1 on neck and 2 on bridge be ? too trebly or what ? Also burstbucker 2 on neck and 3 on bridge. please give you guys' opinions.
What amp do you have?
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