Hey guys. I'm trying to teach myself how to sing and I'm looking for some songs to play on guitar at the same time. I have a pretty limited range and I'm not great at playing and singing at the same time so the simpler the guitar part and the smaller the vocal range, the better. I'm not too concerned about how high or low the vocal part is as long as it has a small range. I can easily transpose it into my range if it's out.

If any of you guys have any simple blues, jazz or rock songs you learned while you were just beginners, I'd love to hear some suggestions. Actually I'm open to suggestions from all genres but I'd rather not be singing pop hits and I know I'll have a lot of trouble with opera and metal, etc.

Cheers guys.
Plain White Ts have simple singing stuff, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, theres quite a few. Look into acoustic stuff. Personally id just improvise and sing along to different chord progressions, helped me alot in my songwriting too.

As helpful as singing songs might be, it cant really replace learning proper technique with lessons. So if you really want to progress a ton, I reccommend getting a vocal coach.
I would love to get singing lessons but I absolutely cannot afford them. I can barely afford food at the moment. I've been "practicing" with a few acoustic songs lately but I seem to be in the habit of picking songs with a range greater than my own.
Basket Case - Green Day

I'm not a fan of the band but this is a simple song to sing. Vocal range of maybe an octave. Try and put the song in a key where the verse is in the most powerful part of your range and it should fit nicely.

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles

Relatively simple to sing, just watch out for the last note of the chorus.

Wonderwall - Oasis

As a self-confessed Oasis elitist it pains me to suggest their most popular song, but you're obviously going to know the song and it will help you to sing some low notes.

Have fun.
The first song I learned to sing and play was Grapevine Fires by Death Cab. Then I proceeded to learn a bunch more death cab songs.

some easy songs I've picked up along the way are Whole Wide World by Wreckless Eric, Mad World by Gary Jules and Brown Eyed Girl. Brown Eyed Girl sounds really good to a simple D D U U D pattern.
Bring it on home by LZ could work. Its quite an easy song to play, so I'd assume it wouldn't be too hard to sing at the same time. The main verse at least.