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The sound quality is awful like always but apart from that critique is welcome.

Out of curiosity, do you know why the sound quality is awful? The guys in the general recording forum have helped me out a lot. Maybe they can help you.

But, apart from that, it's a very well done tune. The lead parts are good. I enjoyed the rhythm as well.

Although, you really might want to turn the drums down when those cymbals crash in; it's really hard to hear anything but the cymbals. Otherwise, maybe turn everything else down for a second and leave the cymbals at the level of the rest of the track. It's just a very distracting moment. Are you using a drum plugin or something?

I enjoyed everything else.

Also, if you don't mind, I'll hit you up for a crit later. Waiting on a Guitar Link interface; should be here soon. Cool?
That's cool. And thanks for your input! I'm using fruityloops for the drums. And i should've turned down the cymbals, you're right about that.
From my guitar the line goes to the toneworks multieffect-pedal, and then straight to fast track recording interface. I have a mic too but the sound isn't that great even if i use it to record my amp. So i'm kinda stuck with this sound... I really should get a new distortion pedal and maybe a bigger amp too. Oh, and i'm using reaper for recording.
Cool that you're doing something different sounding and not copying a specific genre or bands.

Had some quality issues too till finding the below thread. Take the time to read through about the most or all of this and your recordings will come a long way as mine did. Best thread ever:

Best thread ever.

Also please C4C. Feel free to be honest and please let us know what bands we remind you of. Pick a song or all 4 if you feel like it:YgO virtual band

Thanks in advance.