I'm in the market for a bass that packs a punch, and has some cut in about the 300 dollar range, could go a little more or less. I would like a good 5, but a really solid 4 would be ok. Something with a tight action, not floppy and loose sounding.

I was looking at this bass, it has good reviews, but I was wondering if anyone knew much about it here.

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That one is not bad; not bad at all. Those LTD basses play very well, and they tend to be solidly constructed. I nearly bought that one's six-string brother a while back (of course, I need another six-string like I need cancer). You might want to try it out first if possible, as I've noticed that most LTD basses are a little on the heavy side. Some people like that; others do not. The only downside to that bass is that some people find the passive EMG pickups a little bland, but that is nothing that a good EQ won't cure. Given your budget, that one should suit you quite well.
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The only reason I comment at this late hour, is that some complain of a 34" scale not doing the low B the way that they like. That it is too loose.

So one might want to compare any 5 to a 35" scale before they buy.

For the price range this OP was discussing, a quite able used 35" can be found, one with neck stringers and even 18v Active Electronics. That would be an Ibanez BTB 405. The Ibbie Pups do not have the slight compressed tone that the Barts have, and is just fine for anything I feel like playing or slamming.

And yes I am biased. I own 4 of these, and hey have helped me understand what I believe a Modern Bass Guitar should be in order to be considered, at least by me.

And yes, after Playing a Warrior Bass for a year like my friend Adam Nitti who I sold my last speaker cabinet to, I told him about these basses. He is now endorsing Ibanez and playing a c;ose Cousin to the BTB Line.

That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
I used to own the 4 string cousin of this bass, and the pups were garbage. They were really weak and the body would get dents and dings from just looking at it wrong. Only good thing about it was the neck. felt, and played great.

Needless to say I sold it and never looked back.
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ESP LTD's have shitty B strings on their 34" scale necks IMHO. Although their 35" scale necks don't have that issues with a tubby low b.

The same cannot be said about Ibanez 34" scale necks are the nicer of the 34" scale 5 strings on the market. I would recommend you to look at the 34" scale SR's and 35" scale BTB's although you might want to look in the used market for them.

EDIT:I have two LTD 5ers a F-415FM and a D5 both are great basses but the D5 tends to have a tubby low b. Which is not an issue with the 35" F-415 though it'll look out of place in your band.
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Maybe a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass V? I've heard so many great things about those basses, even though they're at such a low price. I've played worship and metal for many years just using a regular passive jazz bass. Sounds absolutely amazing even though they're completely different genres. I'm not sure if the low b on the vintage modified will sound good, so I'd recommend that you try the bass before buying it. That's a good rule for any instrument you're ever going to buy.
Personally I believe a good sounding low B has a lot to do with the player. A really agressive hard hitter would probably do better with a longer scale but someone with a more controlled right hand technique would do fine on a 34" scale.
I find 34" scale fivers a lot more comfortable than longer scales and when I've played longer scales (I've played up to a 36") I've noticed no benefit.
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I own a simmilar bass. I find that the woods don't provide as much sustain as I would like and the shorter scale can be an issue for a low B.

That being said for your price-range I'd say this would work out pretty well for you.