I'm in a bit of a rut and would like some listening suggestions. Funky slappin' is all well and good, but I'm feeling more of a mellow groove than funk lately. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin come to mind. What else can I groove to, bass brethren?
Motown and Stax are your friends, particularly anything that James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt and Duck Dunn played on.

And don't discount pop songs. Many of them have really great bass lines. For instance, my current band is doing a cover of Bruno Mars' Locked out of Heaven and it grooves hard.

For Rock, you might want to check out Jack Bruce's work in Cream.
It sounds like you need to try out some Steely Dan. Check out their Aja album. Timeless Chuck Rainey bass work.
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a lot of RATM as well, bullet in the head for example.
also, queen. tracks like good old fashioned lover boy, crazy little thing called love, another bites the dust and killer queen.
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Lots of Jamiroquai songs are good.

Return of the Space Cowboy album is what you need.
Aside from the thing mentioned, "Battlestar Scralatchtica" and "Are You In" by Incubus got some great grooves.

Edit: Also check out some hip-hop, D'angelo, Erykah Badu and Hocus Pocus are some artists you could start with
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Alot of the stuff of the Black Keys album from the Brothers album have great grooves. Ten cent pistol in particular.
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Medeski martin and wood groove so hard they break knee caps. Chris wood is a monster. Listening to them is where I learned to groove good. Check out the albums Combustication, Shack-man, Uninvisible and End of the World Party (Just in Case). They have a lot of great funk grooves on them.