Stopped at a music store the other day, started shredding, filmed some of it. This is an example of an advanced diminished arpeggio using sweep picking - more raking for me because I suck at sweep picking - I created to keep my fingers moving.

link removed because, quite frankly, it's gash

*Note, I shattered the left side of my left hand when I was 18. I have very little strength in my pinky finger so I play with only 3 fingers about 95% of the time. If you are going to learn this you should use all 4 fingers.
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Don't just dump lessons here, especially not when they're that bad. For the purposes of this forum you're advertising, if you want to put up lessons there are proper ways of doing it.

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"This is me showing off in a music shop"

And no doubt pissing off all the staff and customers whilst doing so. It's a shop, a place of business, not a youth club.
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