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*Needs a cut away
*300-600$ budget

I mainly play rock. Just looking for a good sounding guitar. I know I need to try to know, but some suggestions would be welcome!
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I'd suggest any of the sub $600 yamahas, really good for the cash. I got a barely-played FG700s for $170 and it sounds excellent and I've played next few models up from mine and it just got even better. If you're gonna go for a fender, get a sonoran; they looks great, play great, have fishman electronics with a built in tuner, and the cool fender colors they come in look great on stage and draw a lot of interest if you busk.
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I take note of every comments, Thank you!

What about Takamines?
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my semi-acoustic is a cort sfx-5.
small body with curved back for confirtable playimg while keeping a good volume.
equipped with fishman electronics, so great sound when directly plugged into a Pa system or an acoustic amp.
and the price is amazing, I have it for 3 years and I fully recommend it.
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In that price range, in no particular order: Ovation, Yamaha, Seagull make really good guitars.
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rock is a very general term. for A7X/5FDP/shinedown/AIC type stuff, nothing beats my Ovations.
for bands like nickelback/puddleofmudd and even rod stewart stuff i use my Seagull S6( yeah patti, you talked me into one).
if i get into more classic rock Zep/Beatles/Eagles type stuff i usually go with my Taylor.
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Takamine G series cedar top...bleeping awesome instrument
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Playing stuff like : Bruce Dickinson, Slash, Guns N' Roses, Alice in Chains, The Cure, I Like trying to play Iron Maiden stuff on Acoustic, Some of the Megadeth stuff too...

Oh, and some of Serj Tankian's acoustic work is awesome too.
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Ibanez Artwood AW300ECE.....$399. Fishman electronics, sounds good!
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there's still some epi masterbilts around. all solid (not just solid top), nice sounding, and i really like the sunburst although there's also one in natural. quite a value, actually, and nice sounding guitars.

maybe a yamaha fgx730sc

or the slightly cheaper fgx720sca

both have solid tops, electronics and cutaways, and both come in black, natural and some kinda burst.

i see musicians friend also has a couple acoustic electric seagull mini jumbos. i find that they're good sounding guitars, the lower bout just a little bigger and definitely rounder than a dread.
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i'd stick with the tried and true duo of either the Yamaha 700 series or Seagull S6.
i haven't yet played the yammie but i just ( a month ago) a Seagull S6 slim Cedar top with cherry back and sides. its a decent sounding guitar. i haven't experimented with strings yet to get the sound i want. it sounds pretty good plugged in although i haven't done much with it yet.( you'd think that a guy that hasn't (technically) had a job in 2 years would have more time 2 practice but it's amazing how much time i still don't have).
if you get a chance, try out some Ovation Elite series guitars or the yammie or seagull.
i do think that the Ovation would be the ticket for the "darker" kinda music you wanna play. for that kinda stuff i can't put my Ovations down. they just bring out that style of music better i think. you can find a good used 1778T,2078T for that price if you're patient.
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You can get a Martin for that kind of change. They are second only to Taylor (which you cannot get for that money!). Here's one that's available in any city:


I really love the ease of playability, and the awesome look of the new Ibanez Exotic Wood serries:


Good luck, and welcome to the "Acoustic Side!!"

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Yamaha has a bunch in that price range......always decent, same with takamine. I tried a Sigma last week and it was pretty good.

There are quite a few in your price range, go out and try as many as you can. Half the fun is finding one you really like.
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I would recommend a Seagull. I have one and I'm very pleased with the sound and it's also comfortable to play