I've had an RR3 for a few years now and I adore it, I use it as my main gigging guitar and I love using the floyd rose to pull off divebombs and everything else you can do.

I also have a Dean ML with a floyd rose, but its an Original floyd instead of a Jackson licensed one that the RR3 has. It feels so much smoother and lighter to use, so I was thinking about swapping out my RR3's licensed Floyd rose for an Original one.

Would it be a straight swap? As in no cutting or routing wood or moving posts?

Or do you guys have a suggestion of how to make the Licensed floyd lighter, can you purchase springs with less tension in them?

Any help appreciated
It's pretty much a straight swap. I did it to my RR3, the only thing you'll need to do that's a little annoying is drill out the post holes as the inserts for the floyd rose original are a little wider in diameter (the spacing is the same, just the post insert size is different), take your time with that step and you'll be fine. Push the new inserts in using a controlled manor, don't hammer them or you'll risk splitting the wood. After that it's just a straight swap out.

EDIT: Make sure you do get an original floyd and not a floyd rose special, the specials are inferior and not as stable or responsive.
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Might have some stuff you want. You can try new "silent" springs to see if the it helps the feel.

By the way- are both guitars tuned the same? Same gauge strings? That can have a big impact on feel as well.
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Okay then, but how do I get the original inserts out in the first place?

Leaving the old screws in just grab the head of the screw with a pair of pliers and carefully pull straight up and out. It's not difficult as they aren't glued in or anything.