I'm about to be 25 and i'm a singer/songwriter who has spent time learning guitar since I was 18 and have kind of been lazy. For seven years practise I should be better than I am. I want to devote 2-4 hours of study a day inorder to get myself up to where I should be. My finger strength and technique are much better that my orientation of the fretboard. My gibson Les Paul got stolen when i was 20 so I havent really soloed since then. All my stuff is acoustic and chords/fingerpicking based.

Any advice on what materials to use or whether it is possible to really improve beyond the age of 25 would be greatly received.

I was a singer turned guitarist and that is my excuse for laziness.
1. Chose a scale, learn the modes somewhat, chose a key and search a backing track in said key... u should be able to better memorize the fret board and star improvising all over the place whilst having a jam feel

2. Decide what u want to improve and stick to that for a while instead of speeding through tons of theory or songs in as little time possible (finish off by playing something u know well to get that end of session smile back)

3. Learn some of the greats techniques to slip into your style eg. Hendrix chord fingering, SRV crunchy blues licks, vai toned solos, sweeps. These can all fit into scale and apeggio practice while jamming.

4. No need to rush, fast picking/scale speed Sounds ugly if you can't neatly do it slow

5. Use awesome guitar faces, harmonics and bluesy licks and scales should be accompanied by raised eyebrows and scrunched up face, making a string scream requires angry eyebrows, open mouth and teeth visable