Not too sure if this will take off, but i thought it would be good to have a thread where we post songs that we can't work out the time signature of.

To begin with, here's a song by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. I really can't work out the time signature of it, i think it's because there is quite a lot going on, and it's difficult to pin down a beat.


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this thread should just be dedicated to that awesome song. thanks! now i have a new band to get into.
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Everything in this song:


The comments suggest the stripped down groove bit is in something silly like 4/4 over 9/8 but I've no clue if thats true.

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First theme for Exit Sun is (2+3)+(2+2)+(3+2). You could think of it as an additive 9/8 grouped as 2+3+2+2, coupled with a 5/8 grouped as 3+2.

EDIT: Just skipped to about 3 minutes in. The syncopated rhythm is a 9/8 again grouped as 2+3+2+2.
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