^That's the song, here's the fandub:

If the cuffs of my pants get wet,
I can just wait for them to dry
Splashing in these rippling puddles,
I'm thinking

You have taught me so much now I can say that I'm not afraid anymore.
I have to let go of these firm hands that have been holding on to me all of this time

Even if alone I'll go on
Even if it hurts I am strong
Cuz' to this day I still hold dear, the dream that I found and cherished here

Being with you all is so fun
being with you all was wonderful
but as I walk on I'll soon find
None of you will be there by my side

If I look over myy shoulder
I won't see anyone's shadow
I'll just see these shining puddles,
I'm worried . . .

They say 'living os the same thing as fighting for whatever you believe
And is I can understand this truth,I'll only be filled with the courage to go on

In this place we have come to know
possibilities are endless
but we'll show them all that we can
achieve this dream known as happiness
Even if we go seperate ways,
no matter how far apart we stray
no matter what the future holds
This me will live on to see it through

Even if alone I'll go on
Even if my will to live goes
I can hear a voice say 'Be strong,
Dying won't solve anything you know'

Even if it hurts and it seems, that there is no light I'll still believe
In this hope that's become my life
The reason I dare look at the sky

Time has changed as it passed us by
There were days I laughed, days I've cried
and at some point I'd forgotten
What had happened here but I'll still smile

Cuz when I close my eyes, I see
Everyone's laughter and I'm happy
cuz somehow in my heart that's become
my most very precious Treasure

Ichiban no Takaramono

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