So i got a joyo eq pedal that makes a nasty pop sound when i click the button for it. Its one of those metal 9-pin switches that most boutique pedals have. The Ultimate Drive pedal i got from joyo as well has the same footswitch with no pop. Anyone know where i can get another switch that is a little more quiet? I read somewhere it might require a relay of some sort to kill the pop so if thats the case what do i have to do? Im decent with a soldering iron so i should be able to do most of the soldering myself.
I replaced one of my Joyo switches (it broke.) I just used one of those seemingly standard blue 9-points, however the lugs of the switch didn't fit in the holes for the old switch so I had to link it with 9-wires which means I'll need to either rehouse it or figure something else out, because it sure doesn't fit now.

Just something to think about.
Oh i thought it had wires to begin with...ill have to open the thing up to take a look at it.
Its got a small board over the switch, since i dont use batteries anymore i have a huge compartment to fit wires in, only problem is the main board is pretty close to the switch and most of those switches have a really big lug board.

Small lug silent switches anyone?