Yeah, me again. Some more pedal kits from ModKitsDIY, so another build thread. To keep from spamming, both the pedals are going in here.

Fuzz first!

Obligatory intro shot.

Parts shot. They give you a set of caps to decide how much bass response you want (1 uF, 0.1 uF and 0.01 uF).

Completed Terminal Strip.

Completed Gut Shot.

After trying it out, I found that the 1 uF cap made it a bit too bassy, so I had to go and desolder the thing and put in the 0.1 uF cap in.

And the completed project. I had to put the 'bad idea' part in as it gets... odd when you dime the distortion and volume. Like there's a noise gate set really high or something. I measured the voltages through the pedal and nothing seemed shorted out or badly connected, so maybe I have a bad transistor or something.
Tube Pre-amp pedal! I really don't get why they don't tell you to pre-assemble the parts before putting them in the pedal. The tube socket would have been murder otherwise.

Part shot.

Terminal Strip

Terminal strip in chassis. I was measuring clearances a lot...

Wiring up the pots, jacks and terminal strip.

Preassembled tube socket components.

Completed! it's a bit messy, but I did the best I could...

I got no smartass name for this one, or logo. Doesn't really need one. Definitely needs to be plugged in to the wall wart though (not included), as it's a bit weak when on battery power. Lucky for me, I had one lying around with the right voltage and ampage. Sounds good too!