Alright heres my set up: Audio Interface: Focusrite Saffire 6, has 2 options, an instrument and pad options, it seems that when i use the instrument option i get clipping no matter what but i get the best quality, the pad option is where i can turn up the gain quite a bit, but i dont think the quality is the same, i do both of them together (if thats even good for the interface) and i can turn up the gain to 4 without getting clipping. Some background about the interface: 24 bit/96 kHz w/ super low latency (dont know exactly but its pretty low). Im using Ableton Live as my recording software. Now this is what Im confused about, do i simply plug my guitar into the interface, interface into the computer and start recording? Or do i use an amp sim to get a good clean sound and then start recording. I've listened to dry tracks from this website:http://www.faderwear.com/guides/re-amp.shtml, as you can hear, his dry track is sooo clear and clean, mine (when using the instrument and pad together) are very bassy and not as nearly as clear, do i have to do something after im done recording the tracks to get it to sound like this, or should it sound like this as soon as I plug into the interface? Some professional help by people who have experienced this before would be very helpful. Thank you
The pad button, to my understanding, is to reduce the gain input by 20dB (may be a different number to 20). So if you get clipping even from minimal input level on the interface, pressing the pad button will allow you to get a better level. It shouldn't make any other difference to my understanding. Just turn the gain up on your amp/virtual amp to get your gain levels back up with the pad button in.
Ya that's what I figured. Is there anything special I need to do to the guitar after its done being recorded, I've read (on that link in my posting) that you need to adjust something to -3 on the highest wave or something like that, what does this mean and is there anything else I have to do before sending the tracks for reamping