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Harvey Swick
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i once vomited an entire tribe of pygmies.

they started looking at me weird..
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Quote by ErikLensherr
Spending time on the verge of puking and desperately concentrating on not puking is so much worse than just puking and going on with your life.

I can speak from personal experience on this. Don't wait until it comes out involuntarily. Then you might have a mess to clean up.

Reading this thread makes me want to drink.
Why am I here, why don't I have any beer?
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Quote by james067
just puke it...donot contrl this

Is your keyboard being controlled by a drunk person right now by any chance?
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Learn what kinda drinks make you puke and quit consuming them. Worked for me
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Quote by Jyrgen
Learn what kinda drinks make you puke and quit consuming them. Worked for me

Tequila, red wine, and I don't agree one bit.
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Just be happy that you're in the right state to decide whether to puke or not. Finding out about all the things/people/animals you puked over the next day is the shitty situation.
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