So I have been using multi effects processors or just a few pedals at once but I decided to go for the real thing now. I have chosen all the pedals want on my board but can't decide which board would be the best and most imprtantly how to supply power to every single pedal! Here's my list:

Line 6 DL4 delay (9V AC/1200mA)
Pro co rat 2
Digitech whammy 4 (9V AC/1300mA)
Boss RV-5 reverb (9V DC/200mA - in manual says to use AC adapter)
Electro harmonix worm (9V DC/100mA)
Electro harmonix tube zipper (12V AC/1000mA)
Boss tu-3 (9V DC/85mA - in manual says to use AC adapter)
Little Big Muff (9V DC)

Is noise gate very essential for the pedal board?
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Is noise gate very essential for the pedal board?

It's essential if you don't want to sound like complete shit when you turn your amp up.
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Does this layout makes sense? And for powering... I thought maybe I could use some sort of power supply unit for 9v dc pedals and connect whammy, tube zipper and line 6 delay straight to electricity sockets with proper adapters? That would probably save me another PSU.

1. Boss TU-3 9V DC/85mA
2. Digitech whammy 4 9V AC/1300mA
3. Pro co rat 2
4. Little Big Muff
5. Electro harmonix tube zipper 12V AC/1000mA
6. Electro harmonix worm 9V DC/100mA
7. Boss RV-5 reverb 9V DC/200mA
8. Line 6 DL4 delay 9V AC/1200mA
9.Boss NS-2 noise suppressor 9V DC/20mA
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read my article i wrote the other day on buying or building guitar pedal boards

Could you send me the link to this guide please?
i have a 1 spot only got it a few days ago, but so far its great im planing to use a plank of wood and it with some rubber on the bottom.
Just don't use the 1 Spot to provide more than the 1700mA that it's rated for. A couple of the pedals in your list are over 1000ma. I use a 1 Spot to power the dozen Boss pedals in my PS-45 pedal board and it does fine - but I'm drawing less than 1700mA, too.

Do you need an NS-2 in your configuration? Debatable. I have one, but found it was draining some of my tone - and I'm using high quality, short cables on my board. I haven't used my NS-2 in quite some time and my sound is fine. YMMV.
Well, don't forget that my signal from guitar will be pretty messed by tube zipper and little big muff so I'd like to get rid of buzzing, humming and other annoying noises. I can't decide between supressor or gate. Anyway, I thought to buy voodoo labs pedal power 2 and supply power for all of my 9v dc pedals, line 6 4dl (I've read that it can be powered with dc as well), whammy and I'll just plug tube zipper straight to electricity socket.
You also can get the daisy chain adapter and run that from the TU-3 and power a few of the pedals that way.
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Honestly, I would get a good isolated output power supply like the Pedal Power 2. With those pedals, a daisy chain, and all the different power requirements, you're asking for hum.