Bloody good christian guitar player. But its instrumental so you dont have to like christian lyrics. The best I think is Dig. Alot of variety - blues, shred, Van Halen style... And really good composing skills. There is alot of good 80's/90's christian rock and metal nobody heard of cuz they didnt get on the radio or open up for Metallica concerts.... Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising, Bride, ...
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Ever heard of Antestor? They're not bad either. Hellhammer from Mayhem has even played on some of their albums.
That's my guitar teacher! Or at least he was until a few weeks ago. Now he's working full time with TrueFire guitar instruction as a producer and instructor. Funny to see his name pop up here!

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At this point I'd be more surprised if you found me a Christian children's entertainer that didn't sodomize and eat kids.
Ever heard of Antestor?
I just looked them up on youtube - they sound good.

That's my guitar teacher!
Cool. He had a really good instructional video in the early 90's I think. He was good at everything. Alot of people want a tab book for Dig but no one has ever done it. Wood Pecker Stomp was cool too.