Hey UG,
I have been playing guitar for about 4-5 years and have recently decided on learning how to sweep pick. I'm mostly influenced by Paul Gilbert and he usually prefers to use string-skipping patterns instead of sweeping and so I never got around to learning how to sweep. I was wondering how I should go about learning it. Should I start with 3 string sweeps? Then when I'm comfortable, add another string and so on? What I'm doing now is constructing basic Major/minor arpeggios and using those "shapes" to practice with. Thanks in advance for any help !
Generally speaking, I think that 5 string sweeps are easier, since you have a longer sweep to get used to the economical motion of sweeping and fewer turn-arounds.
5 string sweeps? Ok I'll start and work with those first. Do you have any tips on the actual motion? Like should I use my wrist or elbow? Or a combination of both?
5 string sweeps are defiantly easier. well they are for me... I use my wrist and elbow when I sweep.
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Mainly with whatever shape you go with.
1. Start VERY slow to mainly hear the PRECISE rhythm of what you're playing.
(If you can't nail the rhythm exactly slow, how can it be precise at the desired speed?)
2. Try playing in bursts. Slow, slow, fast etc
3. After a while of playing up, down, don't neglect Down, up. If you don't switch it up once in a while, it will show in your playing. (fast and clean on the way up, slightly sloppy and choppy on the way back down)

Hope this helps,
Brendan Hunt