Hey everybody,

I have an acoustic-electric guitar with a pickup already installed, but it sounds terrible and has a ton of feedback. So I bought a soundhole pickup for it hopefully to replace it. The soundhole pickup sounds much better, but its volume is very quiet. If I could, i would like to connect that pickup to the preamp already installed in my guitar. Is this even possble?

The soundhole pickup has a male instrument cable on its end (designed to plug straight into an amp).

The preamp has an input that looks just like a headphone jack (female), but it like half the size of a normal one.

I want to see if i can find a way to cut some wires and connect the pickup to the the preamp so that i can use the built in tuner, eq, etc.

Im sorry If im not very clear. If you have any idea of what i can do, please help! Thanks ALOT!
Oh hey, I didn't see you there
well if you arent planning on using the peizo pick up on the guitar why not cut the cable from the guitar pick up ad solder it on to the pick up(or maybe a 1/4 inch jack?