Hey, alker
I don’t want to go back!
(back to the stone)
Hey, alker
I rather you leave me alone!
(back to the stone)
Heyyy –
Don’t you take me inside!
(the stone)
Hey, alker
Guess we’re going back!
(back to the stone)

Long after the roses dim their pedals down
And the meters all they ajorn
Red wishes fall into the well of the many
And hearts rise to seek a new lure

The alker – he comes – out
Of the dunghill – piled up
Of the sins of the stone

And brings back any of your troubles
Around – he sets them all to stone

From the houses of the generals
He travels to – the hearts of the sly
And the minds of the meek

To bring upon the grey shades
A splash of red paint

And once again as usually goes
In the stone

The ashtrays provide all the flames
Necessary for the healing of many leaves
On the tree of life but harming
Too many more…

But the alker
He sighs spoke
As he does indeed know
Of a job well done
As the spiral of the
Stone’s mishaps slowly
Swirls itself straight
Into a world unknown
And never set upon

the voice is gonna be like
purple haze
one rainy wish
voodoo child
all along watchtower

hard to describe, but i know exactly what it's gonna be like in my head
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