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He did it for crazy cheap, and our singer and guitarist used to be in a numetalcore band, that's how they knew him.

Then he called us ******s, told us that we needed to sound like Paramore, told us we need to participate in a contest to get signed by universal, added violins to our song without our consent and went on a rant about our drummer taking it in the ass.

Last I heard he deleted our drummer and I off Facebook and begs our singer to help him write his shitty numetalcore clients' songs (There's several Montreal bands who's songs are "screamed" by our singer mainly because kids with no talent dump a lot of money to sound like Asking Alexandria).
Shotty you're a ten, I wait for your drunk dials at 2:30 AM
Because I get invited to all of Montreal's concerts via the promoters I'm Facebook friends with, and I got invited to a Dr. Acula show with a bunch of people talking about "finally a good screamo band coming to MTL xD". So I posted "I love Screamo! or something idiotic" and he added me. I accepted because I thought it would be hilarious to fuck with this dude.

Didn't even have to. The day after he added me, he posted a status about how depressed he was and got called out because apparently the reason he was bummed was because his ex girlfriend wouldn't talk to him because he cheated on her and he wouldn't get it. It was one of my best Facebook moments.
Shotty you're a ten, I wait for your drunk dials at 2:30 AM
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Is this a band of quadruplets? You all look the same. @_@

The guy in the back isnt even in the bad.. lol. And he's like 10 years older than the rest of them.