So I finally broke down Saturday and bought myself a new guitar to replace my Squire Strat. I spotted a nice Schecter Damien FR with a matte black finish and immediately fell in love with it. I tested it in several different amps that were plugged in on display and I'm confident there's nothing wrong with it aside from one problem...

I didn't notice until I started playing around with it later that night that the neck doesn't have quite enough bow to it. When I press down on the high-e string at the first fret, I get either a painful buzzing sound (like if you were to press down on the string right on the literal fret) or it sounds as if I'm pressing down at the second fret. However, I noticed everything is fine if I kind of "push" outward on the neck as I'm fingering the first fret- no buzzing. And the rest of the fretboard seems normal.

I'm wondering if I should just adjust the truss rod a little bit and, if so, which direction to turn the screw. I feel like a n00b asking, though I'm fairly certain I would do a 1/4 turn clockwise to increase the bow in the neck. Also, do you guys think I should just take this guitar back and get something else? Luckily, I paid an extra $45 for a two-year warranty.

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Since you paid for a 2 year guarantee call the store and ask them what you should do.
Fret the 6th string at the first as last fret. Check the distance from the 7th fret to the string. It should be about a credit card thickness. If the string is touching the fret, you need to relieve the back bow by turning the truss rod counter-clockwise(from the playing position). The credit card thickness is kind of a general measurement to get it close, then you adjust it accordingly to remove fret buzz, but don't deviate too far from it. The truss rod should be adjusted correctly, but it's not the only factor to consider when talking about fret buzz.