looks to be a hotrodded Teisco Del Ray
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Yup. defo a Teisco. Although he usually plays a Rickenbacker 4001 from the 1970's.
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Yeah the Rick has definitely been his main bass for a while (since 2007ish) but he only recently brought out this one so I was curious as to what it was.
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Now I'm certainly not a Ric person but why on earth would anyone want to play a Teisco when they have a Ric? You might as well opt to play an Ibanez GAXB or something.
1978 Peavey T-40 -> Ampeg Micro-VR - > Ampeg SVT210AV + Ampeg SVT-15E
I honestly don't know, I guess he was looking for a different sound or he just likes it. It does look like its been modded quite a bit, since I can't find one that looks exactly like it. Also, I'm not entirely certain that's a Teisco logo on the headstock, so he could have swapped out the neck or something.
The same reason you would play a Danelectro or another lower end bass Sound and tone. Some of those older "cheap" basses have really interesting tones, esp. if you mod them up a bit. I own a longhorn Dano for that reason.