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I'd say he's just pressing the string down, pulling the string through the nut and applying more tension.

Like normal string bends, but in a different direction.

It might not cause detuning as the tuning heads turn on the other axis.
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By the looks of it, he's playing a harmonic then pressing down on the string between the nut and the tuning peg, no fancy effects involved.
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No i understand the technique hes using. I know hes pushing down on the string in turn making it tighter thus producing higher pitch sounds. But what i want to know is how does he produce higher pitch sounds on that high note he played on the fretboard. He isnt just playing the open high e string, he plays a note on the fretboard, the note sustains when he moves his fingers up to the tuning pegs, then he pushes down on the string making that first note higher.

Im so intrigued at this i dunno how hes doing it.
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It's a harmonic, sustained by high volume, compression and feedback.
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So how would i go about replicating that?

You would get a medium amount of overdrive on your amp, hit the harmonic, and practice pushing down on the string behind the nut to form different notes.

He's just pushing down with more or less pressure to get different notes.
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