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I currently play with a H&K Tubemeister 5 (XLR Simulated output), with a Gibson Traditional Les Paul.
I recently discovered that the Egnater Rebel 30 also has an XLR simulated output.
(A must since I live in an apartment with other people).

The problem is, I can't try the Egnater (will have to buy online).

Do any of you own this amplifier and tried the simulated output?
I'm wondering if I should switch to the Egnater, I find that the H&K is too modern sounding and I really don't like the cleans... I play blues only.

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a better title to this thread would be "egnater rebel 30 XLR simulated output question"

you may catch more rebel 30 owners that way, just a thought.

egnaters tend to be quite versatile amps, fwiw.
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I don't own one myself so I can't give you the info you're looking for, but I have tried a few Rebel 30's and man, they sound fantastic.

If it's a dirty, bluesey kind of tone you're after, the Rebel 30 will definitely do the job.
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I must choose between the line 6 DT25 head and Egnater Rebel 30 Head.
I did try the Line 6 DT25 and really digged the tones...

Would you think the digital aspect of this amplifier would come out better trough the simulated output?
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Quote by ihartfood
I'd take the Rebel any day. much better tone for blues anyway.

Thanks mate. I have to agree with you, I'll go with a faith leap and buy the Egnater.
It's cheaper here anyway!