Just been noticing this and was wondering if anyone else found similar results to mine. I've taken to checking into kijiji every so often to see if I can't find a good score on there. I've personally been watching a while to see if an LTD H 1000 Deluxe might pop-up.

I've been at it for a while and although I haven't found one, I have notice that there seems to be a huge amount of EC-1000's going up for sale and being listed all the time.

Is this limited to my area (Southern Ontario, Canada) or has anyone else noticed this going on. I'm also curious if whether or not this is a testament to the H-1000's quality or playability, as owners are less likely to part with it.
I've owned EC-1000, MH-1000, Viper-1000 and a H-1001. The level of quality is about the same for all of them. Although I understand why there are less of the M/H/MH for sale. They are just pure sexy.

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I think the EC-1000 is the most-manufactured deluxe model LTD or something, because I've definitely noticed this on Ebay. Tons of EC-1000s and not so many Vipers and M-1000s. I was lucky to snap up my LTD Viper-1000 (which I love) when it popped up on ebay, every Viper I've seen since has been some $200 more expensive.

I wonder if the M-1000 and Viper-1000 aren't seen as much because they're more rare (LP style is more popular), or because people don't want to sell theirs?
More people buy ECs = more people that may sell ECs.

There's really no trend to it or reason other than the EC is the most popular body style in the first place, so of course there's going to be more of them in the second hand market too.
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Go to E-bay instead, or Guitar Center's website and check out their used gear section.
There is a huge market for them because they're very common guitars.
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