hey all, AXE FX n00b here... I have a couple questions...

I have a preset that Justin from After the Burial helped me create. I plugged my ultra into the balanced in/out of an M audio fastrack which ran into my active M-Audio studio monitors, and it sounded incredible. I just was wondering how I could get that tone to translate into my live setup, or if anybody had tips for creating the same sound. I did turn the global poweramp and cab sim functions on and off, but it didn't really have any effect.

My live setup is

Agile 8 string w/ cepheus pickups -> Axe fx ultra -> Carvin TS100 (tube poweramp) -> orange 2x12 & orange 412.

The patch running through my monitors sounds amazing, however, when I plugged it into my live setup, the patch was probably 1/8 of the volume.

Any tips for changing the patch settings in this patch so that they'd work with my live setup? If you want to PM me I can send you the patch. Any advice is appreciated.
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The fractal forum is probably the best place for this. Otherwise we like to keep settings questions in the settings thread.