Hey, just new to the sight. hopefully you like my stuff

the ballad of laura darling

what can you call a girl with no name
what can you give a girl with everything
she has big ideas but she's small in the head
and she always wakes up in a strangers bed.
she always had the very best of stuff
but clothes and money they where never enough
some lovely powder gave a thrill to her life
now she just spends everyday geting high

now she's living at the belgrove
now she'living at the belgrove hotel

she moves around at her own steady pace
on her knees in a drugged up haze
everytime is always the last time
but she still spends every day getting high

she's down by the drober
she's waiting there for you

Laura darling what have you done to yourself
your a smacked up mess and your living a hell
catholic girls should never get involved in this
and a catholic girl should never sell herself for a fix
tell me I'm a liar tell me I wrong
but we both know that its been going on too long
its too late to change and its too late to stop
no life no man no kids no home nothings all you got
when your living at the belgrove hotel