im finally employed, what im using right now is a peavey windsor head with a carvin cab, an epiphone dot, and and epiphone les paul
as ive stated before, im left handed, so guitar options are very limited
my bandmates say to buy a new amp, or maybe a new cab, or maybe a new guitar
im leaning towards guitar just cuz, who doesnt like a new guitar?!
anyways, im in a pop punk band (all time low, Fall out boy) i was thinking if i went with a new amp, itd be a marshall jcm or something
new guitar would probably be a gibson sg (probably the junior, i really like it)
what do you guys think would be best? feel free to ask me a question to better, uhhh, answer my question
I think for the music you play the Windsor is fine, you seem pretty much set for a pop punk band. If i were you i would maybe buy a multi-effects pedal, new tubes, new pickups, maybe new speakers for your cab. But the temptation of buying a new guitar is ALWAYS there