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I've been wanting a replacement for my Lg Rumor 2 for a while now, and I've been eying the samsung galaxy s3, and am curious as to what you guys think of it, what it's like, how long the battery lasts. Etc. I don't plan to use it for anything fancy. Just Facebook and Texting. Thanks, in advance!
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my dad and brother each have one. both of them get great battery life. my dad got an extended battery on ebay and he can still be at 55% after a full day of regular usage. my brother has the stock battery and is left with 70+% but he isnt using data and texting and that sort of stuff all day.
from playing with them i would definitely recommended it
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Awesome phone, I love mine.
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I have an S2 and I love it so the S3 must be better. I see everyone with them and they look great. But that phone wasn't built for texting and fb. It was built for everything. Get a qwerty keyboard and touch screen if you want texting and fb
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The s3 is awesome. Highly recommend it. The battery lasts me all day. Just plug it in before you go to bed.
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I've got the first Galaxy Note and its damn awesome (first true smartphone I've had though, so basing this off those cheap smart-"gophones" or whatever).

Its great for people with big hands since the screen's so big, and I've never had problems with fitting it in my pocket since its pretty thin.
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Getting an S3 for FB and texting is like buying a Lamborghini for grocery shopping.

Awesomely pimp-tastic?
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I have one, it took me a while to get used to Samsung's adaptation of the android software.

And Samsung's stock keyboard is shit.

If you get the S3, get the Swiftkey 3 keyboard. You'll have to pay a few bucks but it's totally worth it.

Once I put that in, most of my complaints about the phone vanished.
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I got one. I don't have any complaints about it. It's fast, screen is nice, battery life is long.

Only problem is I shattered the screen like a week after I got it

still works though, idc
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All I can say is that even if you don't plan on using it for anything fancy, in time you will find yourself using it for something fancy.
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Facebook and texting?
You know phones at like 1/5 of the price do both of those well?

But the S3 is an awesome phone.
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Getting one for myself for Christmas. I know there's phones with better software now, but at least the s3 is going to be supported for a long time, which can't be said for my current HTC Incredible which like periodically erases songs off my memory card and uses an internet browser called "Internet"
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I'm posting here without owning an S3 and you can't stop me!
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