Hey guys just finished putting a super 3 in my f-2e
And I'm getting this strange almost metallic clunk on the bottom end I've changed pick attack and pup hight and all the same it's there. Almost a tinny percussion sound

I tried eq as this is a mid heavy pup and my eq was set on Djent. Switched to shred (scoop) and it's still there

I'm pretty sure on my soldering skills this isn't my first pup swap but could shitty soldering cause this?
If the "clunk" sound is the pickup signal to the jack momentarily cutting out, then yes, it could be a bad connection or a bad wire. Check them both out and see if that's the case.
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Re checked the connections. No chance To ohm them out yet. Until I get to a multi meter.
All looks good.
But the grouds on the tone/splitter pot I see at e just shoves into the solder. Not really touching the pot itself
I'll reset that better and let y'all know