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I have bought a cheap Squier Strat to practise setting up and I have noticed that there are 2 "string trees".

None of my other guitars have these, but one of the string trees (for the D and G strings) doesn't keep the strings in a straight line from the nut to the tuning peg.

Is this an issue? It just doesn't look right to me.

Thanks in advance.
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Do you mean it increased the break angle?

Or are they off center?

If not sure, post a picture please.
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From a physics point of view, centered is best. Otherwise, you just add more tension to an already stressed point on the strings in question. I know it'd drive me crazy to have it off-center, but that's just my carpenter-straight-line OCD coming to the surface.

Practically speaking, if it doesn't cause any problems, you could just leave it where it is.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.
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