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The drums seem awful high in the mix. I'd turn them down a few notches. I did really like it, especially the vocals and distorted guitar, though the really high vocals are hard to understand. The piano parts add a lot; they're well-placed to bring out good harmonies.

I really enjoyed the interlude; I just wish you'd fleshed it out a bit more, maybe hard a solo or a few different movements/riffs. I think, unless you do flesh it out, it won't really fit the song. It's sort of this awesome riff with some cool effects and then it just ends, and the listener's stuck going, "Ok, why didn't that go places?"

Crit mine?
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yeah i would definitely say to not change the drums. your vocals are a little strange sounding to me in the verse. great though during the chorus, i love it. when the guitar breaks down you gotta put it really in your face especially coming out of this chorus. its gotta be just as loud and chaotic sounding. otherwise great song, id listen to more. keep the drums that loud but fix the snare's ping during the interlude
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Turn down the snare a little.

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I'm not a big fan of prog, but this is pretty damn good.
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