Came across this video last night. Apparently this guy was a captain in one of the military branches in his earlier years but played music (guitar, keyboards) since he was 8-years-old and professionally most of his life, but now says he's playing for fun at age 68.

He calls himself The Funky Geezer but his name is Woody Williams of Charlotte, N.C. A character to say the least. But can he play? I bet that Strat he's playing has some tales to tell.

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He may be so old that he's in danger of losing his choppers, but he CLEARLY hasn't lost any of his chops!
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Dude needs to clean up his shit. great playing though!

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Dude needs to clean up his shit. great playing though!

I suspect his room in that first video is not unlike many rooms of some teenagers who post here. lol.