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Green Day American Idiot HELL YEAH
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Lil' Devil - The Cult
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I'm generally a metalhead, but I love the whole of "Come away with me" by norah jones. an absoloutley beautiful album
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Quote by TJWhonley
I'm generally a metalhead, but I love the whole of "Come away with me" by norah jones. an absoloutley beautiful album

This guy knows what's up.

Anyone, 'Carbon Based Anatomy' by Cynic is mine.
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Well...I'm of the opinion that (after waking up on the good side of the grass for some 60 odd years) it's difficult to really have a 'favorite' song. From what era? What genera? Who do like and why? What trips your trigger? I can listen to great music all night (and have, much to the chagrin of the significant other). I can roll a big fat one and have the long version of Grand Funk's I'm Your Captain on and be very happy indeed. (oh...and maybe with a nice brandy in hand as well).
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Los Amigos Invisibles - Ease Your Mind/Is Your Main

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It's dubstep minor in E.

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I bet I'm gunna love Revolt #plottwist
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probably Layla by Derek and the Dominoes. I just can't decide between the original and the unplugged version
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It changes (REALLY) every day.
So today it was "Dirt" The Stooges.
Because it was the best song I heard today (red fish memory )
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It's hard to pick one song. I have no absolute favorite.

That being said I think that, Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd is a great place to start.
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There are so many, it's hard to choose one so:
2)One-Metallica+ Master of Puppets+ Sanatarium
3)Something in the Way-Nirvana 4)Pretender-Foo Fighters+ Best of you+Learn to Fly
5)Man in the Box-Alice in Chains+Would?+Rooster
7)Disarm-Smashing Pumpkins+Zero+ Bullet with Butterfly Wings.
8)Linger-The Crannberries+Zombie
9)No Rain-Blind Melon
10)What's Up?- 4 non blondes
And thousands more.
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Today my favorite song is Dream Theater "Change of Seasons".
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The Doors- The End
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Let's see...
Number 1 is defiantly The Crystal Ship by the Doors. Then in no order are Take, Take, Take by the White Stripes, the Rover by Led Zeppelin, Fight Test by the Flaming Lips, John the Revelator by Son House, and then I'll Be Your Mirror by the Velvet Underground (very beautiful song, check it out if you haven't already heard it).