Right, I know that its a stupid contradictary name, but here we go; my metal jazzmaster.

I'll go ahead now and say I'm sorry that some of the photo's are a bit blurry, I'm no photographer and I took them with all my phone.

I'm using all the parts from my first build again as that one unfortunatly went tits up and they really weren't cheap.

Thats a hipshot hardtail bridge, bare knuckle nailbomb in the bridge position, no name stacked humbucker I found on ebay for the neck position, graph tech tusq nut and sperzel locking tuners.

I've just awakened from an extended guitar building hibernation while me and my old man turned a ruined stone shed into a usable workshop. This took about a year to do but we had to do everything at the weekends and it really was a lot of work. The place was full to the ceiling with crap, the roof had caved in and we could barely open the door when we started. Now with a new roof, new door, new floor, new windows, a hundred trips to the tip and electricity(!!!) I can finally start rebuilding my guitar.

New workshop pics. My bench and my pillar drill/morticer

This combination machine really belongs to my grandfather, but he has dementia and decided early on that I would have his machines. He used them in his own joinery business when he was younger, making windows, doorsand the like, and for some guy once, a real wooden aeroplane. Interestingly as well, he planed of the tip of his index finger on the surface planer, as did my other grandfather on a different machine, and my dad almost did the same once whilst wearing gloves. I'm going to try not to keep up the tradition.

There's a saw with a sliding carriage thing, a planer, a thicknesser, a slot morticer, and a spindle moulder in that, and we had to knock down a wall to get it in the shed.

My grand-dad's bandsaw, and radial arm saw in the background. This went through the hole in the wall as well.

My dad fits windows, so all of the windows were ones that didn't fit when they were ordered for peoples houses. We made them fit in here, and had free double glazing. I did all the wiring too.

Alright, now that we've got through all that, guitar time!

Going with a 25 1/2" scale this time. That's about as far as the loyalty to fender goes on this thing. The drawings were kindly provided by whoomit.

Stuck to 18mm ply with frozen titebond 3. I'm not taking any chances this time. I don't wat to bugger up the balance again by having a body that's too small.

Brand new blades . Cleaned up the rest with a spokeshave/ sandpaper.

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Funny double ended block plane. It worked well though.

Finished templates. I need to drill the rest of the bridge holes still, as its a string through the body affair.

Parts. The fretboard is bubinga. I was thinking of using that beam behind as a neck and as far as I can tell its either teak or santos mahogany. Its really really heavy, dense and hard.

All of the wood on this guitar was free. My Dad, being a window fitter, takes out a lot of hardwood windows and replaces them with polyurethane ones. he saves the wood for me, and I get a nice supply of free hardwoods, air dried for 30 years and mostly quarter sawn. I just have to scrape all this off first. Also something about saving the environment.



Thats not bad mahogany at all.

My neck blank. I think that these are african mahogany, so different to the body wood. I started two for some reason. I'll probably get round to using the other, as long as I don't keep up with my axl rose style timetable.


Next to my big plank. That one really is the nuclear option.

EDIT: Oh Christ. Half my pictures are missing. I'm moving from photobucket to imgur.
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Glued up the body wood and wiped of the excess with a wet rag. I would use more cramps if I had the choice.

The aftermath left on my bench. I think I used enough glue?

Album of the day is Dopethrone.

Cut out the headstock to a shape I thought looked good. Marked out neck blank.

Starting cutting out the neck on the bandsaw. This took ages. It really doesn't have enough grunt to do this sort of work. Nice clean cut though.

Thats it for today. I might get more of the neck done tommorow.
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That poor bandsaw lol. Nice mahogany and write up!
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I'm halfway through Dopthrone as I type this. What a coincidence.
(Seriously though, this looks like it's going to be awesome)
Thanks for the comments, and the table saw is a bosss

I got a couple more hours in today. Heres the sliding table that you use for crosscuts. Its so useful, way better than those little mitre fences. I don't actually know anyone who uses those, people tend to either make a sled or get a saw with one of these. I'm just rough cutting some extra body wood for the edges.

Gathered up this from the bandsaw. You never know when you'll need to fill in something. This sawdust is from the neck blank.

The whole body. The inside looks lighter from where I wiped away the glue. That will go away when I sand it, its only like really watery paint. The two spots (?) are left over glue from where the clamp was sat.

Alrighty then, truss rod time. These router bits are something like £1, and surprisingly good, especially for this price. They obviously aren't going to stand up to as much as a trend one, but if your routing something nasty like a wenge neck you can use these and save your nice cutters.

I had to use my crappy router on this, which has a nasty tendecy for the locking mechanism to fail and the router to spring up. This caused the little wobble on the first pass. I tinkered about with it until it seemed to stay locked and did the rest of the passes. I would have used my better bosch router, but thats currently caught in the middle of a saga between me and the firm my dad works for.

A couple of minutes of chiselling and viola, truss rod channel.

and a little test

Onto planing and thicknessing the fretboard. Interlocking grain is a real arseache, but all this was planed out anyway.

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More planing woes. This piece of wood wrecked my blades, and now I need to sharpen them again. That burnt bit came off as waste when the board was cut to length.

Poor, poor blades. They were fairly sharp before this too. All the black gunk is from the fretboard.

Angel Dust was top album today, seemed to get the most done while it was on.

Join me next time for more exciting adventures, or me cutting fret slots.

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Alright, did some more of this over last week.

Didn't feel like doing the fretboard, so I cut out the body. Went pretty smoothly.

Flattening the body. Didn't take much because it glued up quite well. You can see that the sides of the body are obviously darker here. Shame, I'm going have to stain it now. Going with black.

Template drilled and stuck on with double sided tape. This stuff was stickyer than I thought, and took ten minutes to pry apart.

Routing. I really need a better router. Suggestions?

I used the spokeshave and the surform on the right to get rid of almost all of the router burn, Then went to the conveinient roll of 60 grit sandpaper.

New tool day! After getting those engineers squares, I found out that my try square was no longer square and all my machines were set up wrong, and spent the next two hours getting everything perfect.

Home made version of stewmacs jaws press. Found out how to make it here. Also did a test fret in a bit of scrap. It worked nicely.

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Mitre box. The sides are oak. Design from here

Marking out the fret slots.


Ignore the writing on the fretboard, I didn't follow that.

I need to work out some way of setting the depth my awkward arse saw cuts by the time I get round to going full depth on the slots. Next time I'm buying one of those fancy japanese pullsaws.

Next time will be gluing the fretboard to the neck and making a radiusing jig. Probably.
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Im sticking this. Need a new build to follow anyway. Solid work so far
electric wizard huh, does this mean this will be a doom/stoner metal-jazzmaster?

i should update my thread at some point, building an ignitor, will deff be setup for doom!
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You deserved this, Matt.
Thanks guys, and I'll have a look in your thread Matt.
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