Hey guys check out this song and let me know what you think, there are others songs and cover up on the channel too!
gets heavier at about 2.50 and the solo starts about 20 seconds later if thats your kinda thing


also c4c
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Thanks for the critique of our song Lied too. That's one of the two we figured we'd re-record vocals on for sure.

As for yours:
Good stuff. Band as a whole sounds good together. I was impressed with the singer and guitar solo. Drums, bass and rhythm guitar hold it together strong. The song kind of reminds me of Temple of the Dog, Goin' Hungry, I think that was the name of the popular song (from the '90's).

Without hearing a studio recording, I can't really comment on the overall mix too much other than it sounded pretty good live in that venue. If you're looking for any tips to improve the song, I'd only say try having the singer skip every other "Oh I can Wait" of the chorus, rather than repeating over and over, to see what it sounds like. I felt it was too repetitive.

Thanks again.