I recently got a hold of a non-functional Ampeg B3158 for $30 and got it repaired for $47, which is a ridiculous deal for an amp that's normally around $800 new.

So the guy got the circuit board working and it sounds a hell of a lot better than my old amp (Ampeg BA-115), considering my old amp's input jack is shitting out on me. However, I'm still having an issue with the new one. It sounds great when I really dig in and get a full tone, however when I play more softly (or let a note ring out), I can hear a bit of crackly static coming through. When I put my ear up to the speakers, it sounds like it's just coming from the 8" speaker which is powered by a separate power amp for the upper frequencies. I'm not sure what the crossover frequency is, but I'll try to get a hold of that information. I'll also record what the noise sounds like and post it on here in a bit.

So if it turns out that the issue is from the speaker, what kind of speaker should I get? would a regular guitar 8" do the trick or should I get a mid-range bass speaker? It just needs to handle 50 watts at 8 ohms but I'm not quite sure of the frequency range. Here is what the manual says about it:
"The B3158 has two internal amplifiers, one for the high frequencies, one for the low. Each amplifier section has its own speaker output jack, factory-wired to the internal speakers. To use external speaker cabinets, unplug the connectors from the jacks and use speaker cables with 1/4” plugs to connect the LOW jack to your low frequency cabinet and the HIGH jack to the high frequency cabinet. Use the Balance control (#12, front panel) to proportion the output signal between the low and high frequency output jacks. Observe the minimum impedance ratings for each output (8 ohms for high, 4 ohms for low)."

I'd optimally like to spend under $70 because I just want it to work without static or any issues. Any help would be fantastic.

Edit: Here's that noise (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/105053138/20121204%20203420.m4a)

Edit 2: Some dude on this thread recommends an Eminence Alpha 8A, which is in my price range. Anyone have experience with this speaker?

Another guy recommends the Beta 8. I'm not sure which one he means though. One's a coaxial and one's a mid-range PA driver.

Even if that answers my speaker question, I still need to know if the speaker is what's giving me the issue.
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i find it far from conclusive that the speaker is actually the issue. i would bring it back to where you got it 'repaired' and take another look.

try to isolate the problem and see if you can plug a different speaker in at the shop.

i think either of those eminence speakers should probably be sufficient if you want a replacement.
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