So ive been "playing" for a couple of years now and have done countless hours of research about theory. All ive been looking for is what is the next step in playing the fret board as i see fit with in the confines of making musical sense. What am I missing/need to help accomplish my goal?
Theory will help you decide WHAT to play and it will help you make sense of WHAT you play but it won't govern WHAT you play. Just play.
so what direction should i go in order to expand my technique ive been practicing scale shapes and just different warm up exercises but i feel lost and in a rut
First things first, google guitar backing tracks, find one you like.... and just PLAY
"Music is the only thing that makes sense anymore man, play it loud enough it keeps the demons at bay." - Jojo from ATU
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thanks everybody for your advice.... i guess i have been over thinking it all these years when i should have just let loose hope this helps everyone who finds themselves in the same rut