What makes it so chords sound really muddy? Is that just crappy playing or could it be a problem with the cab? I have a JMC1 amp with a custom 12 inch cab. I have some static from my fluorescents which could be some of it. It seems to be mostly the A chord that sounds bad and yes the guitar is in tune. Opinions.
do you have the JCM1 by Marshall?

what type of speaker and what are your EQ settings?
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If you're happy with how your lead tone sounds, the problem might just be that chords will react to distortion more than a single note would.

You might want to try rolling back the gain on your amp, and then using an OD pedal on top when you're doing lead stuff, to fatten up the single notes.

Hope that helps

EDIT in fact the same could be achieved by rolling off the volume of the guitar as well. This might affect HF tone though
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