Hi, Im looking to buy an acoustic with a longer neck than my nylon-stringed so my searching around has come to these two instruments.

The D10 is used, and according to the seller 5 years old (which means the top is probably laminated ) and sells for 130$. It is in "very nice condition" according to him.

The D7 or WD7, sorry for confusing anyone, is new from the store, has a solid spruce-top and is priced at 114$. Its in matte black, I HATE BLACK! Fortunately I would gladly repaint the top of it, and would like to hear you all's opinion on repainting acoustic top-planks(? or whatever theyre called, lol). Im not gonna go for a Mona Lisa but just add some brightness.

I would really prefer solid-tops, if I had a choice.

Could everyone please give theyre opinion on the difference between the D7 and D10's as models?

Please keep in mind that the D10 is 5 years old and thus only a laminate-top.

Really appreciate all advice! Thanks! Adam
What I would do is when repainting the D7 would be to sand the paint off the top, if it is possible remove the scratch-plate, perhaps just sand off enough paint to make it look like sunburst, stain it, and clear-coat it. Only the top-surface.

don't sand the guitar - that's a terrible idea. most paint or finish is going to harm the tone, sometimes a lot. most clear coat is heavier and thicker than guitar finish. btw, if you sand the guitar, there's a chance you may find the top wood doesn't look good - after all, they wouldn't have to use the good looking stuff where no one is going to see it.
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Dont care at all how it looks, just dont want a black guitar. All I was thinking of doing was getting off the black paint, do some light staining, and just sealing it in, Im not making it a time-capsule, it seems like many people are clear-coating acoustics based on my google finds.

Now, that you said it, I'll make sure I'll try to make it as thin as possible.

Any other thoughts, please????
Damnit, just read that clear-coating is mother****er. I hate mother****as.

Let me think.. sanding, staining, brushing on clear, sanding again, and clear-coating again.

Dont need to be perfect, just I'm happy with it. Somewhat.